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Pooper Scooper Service:

PoopScoop Troopers will walk your entire yard and pick up all of the dog waste. Our service technicians arrive to your house in PoopScoop Troopers uniforms and in company marked vehicles. After cleaning your yard we always leave a door hanger to let you know that your yard has been serviced.

  • Once or twice a week.

  • Every other week.

  • One time visits.

Cost is based on how often you’d like your yard serviced, how many dogs you have, & the amount of area you need cleaned. Call 1-888-99-SCOOP today or fill out our service inquiry form for a free estimate!

Services For Communities:

PoopScoop Troopers is a professional Pet Waste Removal company that specializes in tailoring service plans to eliminate your dog waste problems forever! We…

  • Install, service, and maintain Pet Waste Stations.

  • Install, service, and maintain Trash Cans.

  • Walk around pet waste pick-up.

Dangers Of Pet Waste:

Dog feces can post a serious health hazard and is bad for the environment. Common parasites including roundworm are transmitted via feces. When left in the yard parasites can linger in the grass and soil for years and enter into our ground water. Anyone who comes into contact with the yard is at risk of contracting these parasites.

Children who play in the yard have the greatest risk because they touch dirt and grass and then touch their faces. But they aren’t the only ones at risk, you can contract these parasites by playing frisbee or tossing a ball or just petting your dog. Parasitic infection is harmful to people of all ages and can be deadly to a pregnant woman’s unborn fetus.

Pet Waste Stations | Poop Scoop Services | DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia

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DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.
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Why step in poop? Just call the Troop! 1-888-99Scoop!