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“I have been using PoopScoop Troopers for several years now and couldn’t be more satisfied! They are friendly and responsive to my inquiries (which are few), are very thorough cleaning up the backyard and are very friendly when they are here, too! And, they never leave the back gate open. I highly recommend.”

Sharla B.
Fairfax, VA

“We have used PoopScoop Troopers for several years now and can’t imagine life without them! The service is great, the service worker is always friendly to my dog and will always say Hi if we happen to be in the yard when he arrives. The cost is very affordable and they are reliable. Have never once left any of the 2 yard gates open. Highly recommend this company!”

Shawn C.
Manassas, VA

“I’ve trusted PoopScoop Troopers for years now and I wouldn’t ever take my business elsewhere. They are always responsive, and super friendly. Thank you for being the best!!!“

Daffy L.
Woodbridge, VA

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DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.
Pet Waste Removal

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